How To Market Training & Information: Everything You Need To Know To Sell Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Tapes, Videos, Books, Software And Other

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What started out to be the 4th edition of Don Schrello's highly acclaimed How To Market Training Programs, Seminars & Instructional Materials has turned into a totally new, greatly expanded handbook with four times the information ... at less than half the price.

It contains:

13 chapters -- 2 appendixes

412 pages, durable softcover

Big 8-1/2 x11 size

173 illustrations, figures, tables, & worksheets

18 lists containing 820 hard-to-find resources

311-entry annotated bibliography, complete with how-to-get information

300-word marketing glossary

Fully indexed -- 3,005 entries

This easy to use, how-to-do-it handbook takes the guesswork out of your sales and marketing. The author -- a veteran marketer of training and consulting who has done it all -- reveals the insider success secrets used by the largest and best-managed training and information companies.

You could pay thousands of dollars for professional advice -- and still not learn as much about marketing training and information as you can from this single book. And it contains information that simply isn't available elsewhere at any price.

This one volume is literally a complete reference library on how to market training and information. You get success-proven methods, reliable benchmark statistics and detailed checklists to ensure that you don't overlook any factor, however small, that will contribute to your marketing success.

It answers more questions, solves more problems and gives you more worthwhile, money- making ideas than any other handbook you could own. You'll consult it constantly for tested answers to troublesome strategic issues, detailed discussions of important marketing procedures or quick definitions of unfamiliar terms. Its uses are virtually unlimited.

A partial table of contents is included here. It includes such vital topics as selecting marketable products/services; choosing the right sales method; developing a winning strategy and plan; figuring realistic costs and schedules; getting the best mailing lists; creating compelling letters and brochures; buying printing like a pro; face-to-face selling; telemarketing; building a marketing database; getting free and low-cost help; and much, much more.

And it's all organized so you can locate the information you need quickly. You'll find a complete, 4-page table of contents, a detailed, 18-page, index with 3,005 entries and a handy overview at the start of most chapters.

Don't think of this book as an expense. Think of it as an investment ... an investment in facts, data, examples, techniques and, most of all, ideas that produce results!

You Get the Following 18 Lists, Containing 820 Hard-to-Find Resources ... Most with Address, Phone, Fax and Contact Name...

120 Largest training companies, in 9 categories.

10 Top international markets for training & information.

30 International training distributors.

15 Top sales training firms to hone your selling skills.

3 Recruiters ( headhunters ) for salespeople.

39 Top hotel chains for holding seminars and conferences.

28 Mailing list brokers who know something about marketing training.

122 Mailing lists most often used to promote training and information.

4 Largest seminar/training mailing list databases.

9 Biggest mailing list compilers.

26 International mailing list sources.

16 Low-cost printers of advertising materials.

12 Outside telemarketing service bureaus.

9 U.S. distributors of training.

20 Agents, speakers bureaus and sales representatives for training and information products/services.

5 Producers of promotional computer media.

41 Sources for your marketing database software and hardware.

311 Annotated references with complete how-to-get information on each one.

13 Unique Features You'll Find Only In This Handbook...

1. The size and composition of the U.S. Training Industry.

2. World's most thoroughly proven method for selecting winning products and markets.

3. Tested, multi-media marketing programs for 6 different types of training and information products/ services, and for 4 different size organizations.

4. 8 sales productivity benchmarks for face-to-face selling of training and information.

5. How price effects direct mail response for various training and information products.

6. How to figure the lead-time needed to promote your seminar, workshop or conference.

7. How seminars make money -- and what you need to know in order to make your seminar profitable. 8. The best and worst months and days for scheduling training programs and seminars. 9. The Top 40 U.S. cities and states for seminars and workshops.

10. A step-by-step procedure -- and easy-to-use tables -- for forecasting seminar and event attendance, even months in advance.

11. How to evaluate new mailing lists, including where to get honest, objective information.

12. How to accurately estimate printing and mailing costs.

13. How to hold sales showcases that really work ... and that cut your selling costs.

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