Party At The World'S End (Fallen Cycle) (Volume 1)

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Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with Lilith, Dionysus, and their band of Fallen Gods, in the final days of the American Empire. Party At The World's Endis a subversive retelling of Euripides'The Bacchaein the age of anonymity and alternate identities.

Book 1 of the Fallen Cycle: This is the story of those Fallen who walk amongst us, and hints of the world that is to come.
After the fiasco at Rushmore, they knew there would be more bodies. But they joined the cause anyway. They stood up to the US Government and said you've got to kill me in the sunlight. But Lilith said, Do it under cover of moonlight. She wanted everyone to watch the bloodbath on Facetime, shaky footage of government-hired mercenaries lobbing mortar fire into the fallen nation's sons and daughters. Hundreds of teens strewn about like discarded dixie cups after a rave in a field, between two bluffs in the Black Hills. Curiously close to the death toll at Wounded Knee. I was wrong. They weren't just blind fools, they were the bloody sacrifice, offered up by Lilith in her mad ploy for immortality. But the time to fight and win was over, now was the time to die a hero's death that would be heard round the world. Even as the one candle goes out, another, darker one comes to light. --Dionysus

  • Brutal, darkly funny, and, above all, honest. Powell's Books'Short List'.
  • A progressive fictional universe created by a wickedly talented scribe... Philip K Dick might have company someday... Brooke Burgess, the Creator of award-winning animated series Broken Saints.
  • Curcio's novels resemble strange and intricate life stories, bubbles of fiction floating in the depths of the collective subconscious. Occasionally they rise to the surface and burst into the conscious mind, releasing dreamscapes where fantasy merges with the mundane. Demigods cavort with goth-punk teenagers. Ambivalent authority figures lord over underground networks. Pseudo-shamanic rituals and sex magick abound. Reality interview.
240 pg. 6 x9 paperback, speculative / occult fiction. This is an edited, single volume containing material first serialized asFallen Nation,404 DocumentsandWords of Traitors. Includes black and white and front cover art by Christopher Disalvatore.

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