Mystery At The Hot Pond (Greatest Treasure) (Volume 1)

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The new girl upsets class smack in the middle of winter. With her comes troubling change. Shoe Makinen discovers evidence that a double drowning at the sawmill may have been murder. MaryAnne's faith is a mystery to Shoe as he suspects the outsider, MaryAnne is intertwined in the investigation. What is she doing here? Was it an accident or murder? Will life ever be the same?


A refreshingadventure of hope, courage, and love; this first book in the Greatest Treasure (Christian fiction) series opens the door of discovery to an eleven-year-old boy, Shoe Makinen. He prefers everything to stay the same as it always was, but MaryAnne DuPree and her family invoke a new perspective of faith in God, and the acceptance of life changes as new experiences unfold. Shoe must overcome his fears to do what's right in spite of the dangers that have found their way into the quiet mill town of Stoney Creek.

Book Excerpt:
I wished the day had never started. MaryAnne was about to find out what was wrong with her braid. Buffalo Alice would be in trouble for blurting out in class. Everyone would know whose pencils had adorned MaryAnne's hair. And I would be dead. It would have been better if I had spent the night in my snow fort and froze to death. But I never had that kinda luck.

The sharp tip of my best pencil found its mark on Buffalo Alice's forehead. It seemed to stick for a moment before Buffalo slapped her face as to bring death to a mosquito. She rose with such ferocity that her desk came with her. (Buffalo had to carefully slide sideways out of her seat if she didn't want her desk to follow.) But this time, all four iron legs left the floor as she swung wildly at the air.

How dare you make a mockery of me! she yelled.

Buffalo Alice couldn't hold herself and the desk up for more than a moment. The whole assembly crashed down with such force that both windows rattled. Boys were laughing. Girls were stunned. MaryAnne had a look of horror on her face as Buffalo, now able to slide out of her seat, stood up in the aisle.

Go back to where you came from, Shorty! Buffalo said. You don't belong here!

Interview With The Author:
Q: What makes the Greatest Treasure series special?
A: These books are intended to reach readers with the experience of God's visible hand in the lives of the main characters, Shoe Makinen and MaryAnne DuPree. I am particularly interested in reaching reluctant readers who like action and adventure. The protagonist in the first book is an 11-year-old boy, so I'm hoping this series will be good Christian fiction for boys.

Q: Where did you get the idea for this series?
A: I only had the setting in mind - a small town during a period before my time. The story was born out of the first sentence in the book, when MaryAnne stepped through the schoolroom door. The rest of the book and those that follow blossomed from there.

Q: So, why should readers give these books a try?
A: I think all of us can relate a little to Shoe and MaryAnne. I can only tell you what others have said: about 'Mystery at the Hot Pond', readers have shared that they loved it! All of it! Some say they have a hard time reading out loud because they laugh too hard; especially 'For the Love of Ricky'. This is a Christian fiction series that I hope many will enjoy and be encouraged by.

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