A Brief History Of Argentina

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A comprehensive history of Argentina, including its origins, culture, and future.

Argentina has a population that ranks among the most educated and skilled in Latin America. Illiteracy scarcely exists among even the poor and working-class citizens, and Argentina's middle class has historically been large and politically engaged. Yet this country remains mired in economic instability, chronic unemployment, strict class divisions, and political corruption. Juan Peron's attempts to establish a democracy were all but erased during the militaristic Dirty War, and the last three elected presidents did little to raise the morale of their country. Still, Argentine citizens refuse to accept their current conditions. Prosecutors, victims, and families of victims remain determined to address the injustices and tyranny that occurred during the Dirty War and the two-decade silence that followed. Additionally, in a significant demonstration of progress, Argentines elected a woman president for the first time in October 2007.

Spanning more than 12,000 years of history, A Brief History of Argentina, Second Edition thoroughly and comprehensively explores these issues and discusses how they will affect Argentina's future.

Coverage includes:

-A comprehensive summary of Argentina's diverse geography and its varied natural resources
-The origins of the deep-seated practices of discrimination, which continue today
-The effects of neoliberalism on Argentina's large working class and urban poor, culminating in the caserola movement, the piqueteros movement, and the birth of the cartoneros
-The impact a changing global economy has had within Argentina's borders
-The rich culture of Argentina, which has created five Nobel laureates, vibrant cities that draw millions of tourists annually, and sports teams that have won multiple world championships.

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