Nesivos Olam, Nesiv Haavodah (Maharal Of Prague): The Philosophy And Practice Of Prayer (Chapter 18) (Volume 2)

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The Maharal of Prague is one of the most influential of the Sages from the early acharonim period. Many concepts that are today considered mainstream foundations of Jewish thought were originally elucidated by him. He had a major impact on a wide spectrum of the Jewish world and his influence can found, either explicitly or implicitly, in the teachings of many renowned Jewish thinkers who followed him. His Nesiv HaAvodah answers many fundamental questions about prayer: Why does it work? Why is it necessary? Why does it have to be verbally articulated? How did prayer originate? What is the relationship between prayer and the sacrificial services? The Maharal also delves into the inner meaning of many individual prayers. This adaptation of Nesiv HaAvodah makes this seminal work accessible to an English-speaking audience for the first time. Detailed annotations explain difficult concepts, draw upon other works of the Maharal to provide additional depth and cite contrasting opinions to provide perspective. Halachic issues are highlighted in callouts for easy accessibility. It is impossible to study this work and not emerge without a vastly improved appreciation of prayer - and without a vastly improved prayer experience. (This edition contains Chapter 18 of Nesiv HaAvodah, dealing with the after-meal blessing, the blessing introduction, the blessing cup and after-meal washing.)

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