I Want To Live Using Essiac: For Anyone Who Is Fighting Cancer, Helping Others Who Have Cancer, Or Trying To Prevent Cancer. The Truth About Essiac

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Does someone you know have cancer? Do you have cancer? Are you going to be taking care of someone who has cancer? Or, perhaps you want to prevent your family members and yourself from ever getting cancer. If these are any of the reasons for reading this book, you are making the best decision of your life. Are we winning the battle against cancer? Today, in the United States and Canada, the three main treatments for dealing with cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. For a few kinds of cancer, such as skin cancer, surgery can save someones life. The dreaded diseases of childhood cancers are uniquely susceptible to chemotherapy and radiation. However, for everyone else, chemotherapy and radiation will only slow down the cancers progression and leave patients fighting all the damage done to their immune systems. When someone hears that she has cancer, does she feel secure, safe, or petrified? It is because of these feelings of apprehension that I sought out a truly helpful therapy that would strengthen the immune system and thus possibly prevent cancer. Is this therapy new? No, it has been around since the l920s. Before then, it was used by the Ojibwa (Chippewa Indians) as a cancer cure. The cancer therapy is called Essiac, and it was discovered by Rene Caisse, RN. Have you ever heard of Essiac? When someone tries to find out about Essiac online, he might find one site on cancer therapies hosted by Quackwatch, which states that Essiac has no antitumor activity. This is totally untrue. Several books have been written on Essiac, but I have pulled together research and proof that has not been written about before. I will offer proof that Essiac, an alternative cancer approach, does alter and stop cancer. There is evidence that Essiac really does work when it is used as it is supposed to be. Besides having found many research projects that tell how Essiac and its component herbs have antitumor activity, I have also discovered that in 1996, Chinas department of health declared the Essiac formula a Class A medicineone that deals with life-threatening diseasesand since then, it has been used to treat cancer in China. Quite notably, it has demonstrated a clear ability to inhibit the growth of tumors. The work that I have gathered goes into everything regarding Essiac, including the history of Essiacs initial use by Rene M. Caisse RN, who spent fifty years of her life treating people with cancer. Essiac is touted by Sir Frederick Banting (the discoverer of insulin), Dr. Emma M. Carson (recipient of awards from Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson), and Dr. Charles Brusch (personal physician to President John F. Kennedy). But most importantly, there is proof today that after ninety years of using it, even without standard protocol, direct evidence shows that Essiac does work. This books shows that the natural herbs that comprise Essiac, which were originally offered by the Ojibwa Indians, do have a preventative and/or healing effect on cancer.

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