Pokemon Go: Full Game Guide & Advanced Strategies: 1000+ Xp Per Minute, Evolution/Power Up Tactics, Raise An Elite Team, Finding Rare Pokemon, Cheats And Hack, And A Bunch More!

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How Can You Get 1000+ XP Per Minute, Find Rare Pokmon Nests, and Build an Elite Team?

Learn From Our Advanced Strategy Guide to Take Your Pokmon Go Game To The Next Level

What separates the gym leaders and Pokmon masters from a beginner? It all comes down to the strategies you know and how to implement them.

You have likely been playing Pokmon Go for a while and have been moderately successful in catching Pokmon and leveling up. You have maybe even taken over a gym or two for a brief period of time! But you have probably spent a lot of time to get to where you are now and still have a long way to go.

You understand how the game works and you are ready to start learning the tricks and strategies. In this book, we will go into a high detail guide of how to most effectively spend your effort so that you can find rare Pokmon, get high CP Pokmon, super level your trainer (1000+ XP per minute), build an elite team, and even go over some cheats and hacks if you are that kind of player and a BUNCH more.

Here's A Sneek Peek At What You'll Learn...

  • Full Beginner's Guide
    • (Complete Instruction As If You've Never Played The Game)
    • How to Catch Pokmon, How to Track Pokmon, Interface, Items, Pokstops and Gyms, Caring For Your Pokemon, Powering and Evolving, Level Your Trainer, and Troubleshooting
  • Super Gain XP
    • 1000+ XP Per Minute
  • Updated Tracking System
  • Find Rare Pokmon (and Nests)
  • Hidden Pokmon Stats (and how to use them)
  • Building an Elite Team
  • Evolution and Power Up Strategies
  • Professional Gym Battle Tactics
  • Advanced Player Tips and Tricks
  • Hacks and Cheats
This isnt some general guide on kindle where you learn only the basics. We DO go over the basics, but we also teach you every current strategy and tactic there is. How did we get all of this information? We are a team of researchers that spends our time learning the Pokmon Go algorithm for fun. We constantly keep up to date on the latest news that players have learned so that we can immediately give them to you. I currently have all 145 available Pokmon (we travel a lot) and I am the gym leader at about 20 local gyms. We dont joke around when it comes to Pokmon Go!

So now we want to share the knowledge we have learned with you. We want you to be effective when playing the game. We want you to be able to level up as quickly as possible and be able to find the rarest and highest CP Pokmon possible.

Here's What Some Of Our Readers Have Said...

I tried Troy's Super Trainer Leveling Technique and I jumped from level 8 to level 12. Then again later from level 16 to level 18. I'd never be so far along without that technique. --- Tom B. ---

I'm the leader of three gyms now that I have some super powerful Pokmon! Turns out there was a strong Pokmon nest nearby my house that I was able to find after reading this. --- Andy D. ---

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