Preschool Stickers Workbook, Ages 3-6, 300+ Stickers, Numbers, Letters, Playful Learning, Gets Kids Ready For School Success (Stuck On Learning)

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A delighted parent describes time well spent with Preschool Stickers: 'I bought this book for my three year old son. He can't read yet, but we sit for hours while I explain to him what needs to be done and he can answer the questions using the stickers instead of having to write things out (which he also has not mastered yet). This book is awesome!'

So many stickers, so much to do, and what kid doesn't like stickers? Especially stickers that plug into each activity to complete the exercises and playfully help develop multiple readiness skills. Stickers stand out! They are colorful and exciting to look at and fun to peel off and stick on. But they also work hard. This unique method of learning teaches skills like ABCs and 1, 2, 3s, beginning sounds, basic geometric shapes and patterns and much more. Peeling stickers bigger ones are easier to peel than smaller ones also helps develop fine motor skills including the pincer grip (or grasp), which is the ability to grasp or pinch an object with thumb and forefinger. It s a skill that begins before age 1, but like all milestones, develops at different rates. The pincer grasp is involved in using utensils, buttoning, snapping, and using zippers, and holding and writing with crayons and pencils.

Sticker play also involves 'visual scanning,' meaning kids must look over a sheet of stickers to find the one they need or want to use. Plus, it requires using two hands one to hold the sticker sheet and one to peel the sticker off. This is called bi-lateral hand coordination and is used all the time for tasks ranging from using scissors to writing. Sticker play even strengthens the small muscles in the hands! And with this Preschool Stickers Workbook from the Stuck on Learning! series, it's all cleverly disguised as enjoyable sticker play designed to prepare your child for school success. More than 300 stickers include adorable reward stickers that reward your child over and over for a job well done.

Kids love color, characters, and 'room' to play. School Zone workbooks deliver all that and so much more. Almost 40 years ago the company responded to parents need for tools to help reinforce in-school learning. Workbooks continue to be just the right combination of play and practice, making them excellent, teacher-created, parent-approved resources. Writing by hand fires up specific parts of a child's brain, improving a child s ability not only to remember what he or she learns, but to think of new ideas. Think of workbooks as analog 'devices' because workbook practice can help kids develop fine motor skills, focus on the task at hand, and learn at their own pace.
This adorable Preschool Stickers Workbook includes 64 activity pages, with easy-to-follow directions on every page, and 8 pages of stickers-329 stickers total. A Parent Guide inside the front cover offers tips for maximizing learning and cute, colorful illustrations and a Certificate of Achievement inside the back cover help motivate kids. Perforated pages make great individual worksheets.
Extending the value and learning, this charming workbook sharpens eye-hand coordination, counting, sequencing, matching, grouping, comparing, interpreting graphs, and recognizing patterns. It also helps teach colors, opposites, alphabetical order, numerical order, addition, counting money, and beginning sounds. Preschool Stickers also builds focus, critical thinking, and attention to detail. Pack it in a tote or backpack for take-anywhere learning. Get your kids stuck on learning today!

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