Grow Your Spiritual Business: How To Build A Business In The Internet Age

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Your classes are done, your certificate is in hand, and your teacher says you are ready. Congratulations, you are on the cusp of starting your spiritual business! Now what? Or perhaps you already have a spiritual business that needs help attracting clients. Are you one of the many who are really good at a particular healing modality or other type of spiritual business but has no business training? No worries, you can still learn how to run a spiritual business successfully.

Grow Your Spiritual Business offers specific and proven steps for the readers to follow to ensure their spiritual enterprises take off from the start without losing spiritual focus and integrity. The term Spiritual Business will appeal to a wide audience as the authors make it clear that a business doesnt need to be offering a spiritual modality to be considered spiritual. Spirituality comes from intent, the intent to offer a service with core spiritual beliefs. A lawyer or accountants business can be as spiritual as an angel reader or massage therapist. As the statistics on the cover page show, the number of small businesses in the United States alone is up from 17.6 billion in 2002 to 28 billion in 2013. With 49 percent of the population having had spiritual experiences, the number of small businesses having a spiritual focus, or at least spiritual owners with such a focus, continues to grow. Although the statistics are for the US, this growth in spiritual focus can be seen worldwide.

A strong and profitable business does not mean throwing out your spirituality. Grow Your Spiritual Business will help the readers evaluate or re-evaluate their business, prices, marketing, etc., and helps them take a professional approach while maintaining their spiritual outlook. Both Lisa and Cindy come from traditional business backgrounds, which allow them to offer practical, grounded advice without compromising the spiritual values that are important to any spiritual business. Lisa has a strong 15-year background in information technology and marketing and sales, driving multi-millions of dollars in revenue for corporations around the world, and now runs her own successful spiritual business as an author, speaker and seminar leader teaching people internationally how to develop their intuition. Cindy has run a successful practice as a psychic and spiritual teacher for over twenty years, more recently as an author, and before that she managed a real estate office, was an independent contractor in real estate sales and a real estate appraiser. Together, Lisa and Cindy offer over 35 years of marketing experience in a way that fits the readers spiritually focused business.

Grow Your Spiritual Business is designed in a way that the readers can either start at the beginning or just read the section they need help on right now. Both Lisa and Cindy offer different but complementary views and advice with examples from real life and sidebars containing Spiritual Business Keys to Success. The readers receive benefits from two experienced and successful spiritual businesswomen who mentor throughout the start, or advancement, of the readers own spiritual enterprises!

Based on Lisas core marketing concept of Attract, Resonate, Synergize, the best way to get the most from Spiritual Business is through using the Table of Contents. Some of the readers will already have a spiritual business up and running and only want help in certain areas. Although the writers feel those business owners may benefit from re-evaluating their business and starting at Chapter 1, the more seasoned entrepreneur can also look at the Table of Contents and go straight to where they feel they need the most help. Other readers will be just starting out and the writers recommend those new proprietors read Grow Your Spiritual Business from the beginning. Starting with Chapter 1 will save the readers a lot of time and money! As Lisa will demonstrate, it is the business owners attitude that makes a business spiritual, yet knowing his or her passion and business identity is key in understanding how to market successfully and so that is where Spiritual Business gets started.

Not all readers will feel every topic in Grow Your Spiritual Business will apply to their business right away. The readers are encouraged to highlight suggestions they wish to try later, as their business grows, making Spiritual Business a resource they will hold on to and recommend to others for years to come. The readers are not urged to agree with every piece of advice. They will find that even Lisa and Cindy do things differently, which is another strength of Grow Your Spiritual Business, it offers two different perspectives on what works for developing a spiritual business. Starting in Chapter 2, in order for the readers to know if it is Lisa or Cindy speaking, they just look at the typeface.

Grow Your Spiritual Business focuses on todays marketing options while being careful not to date the book by only sparingly using current Internet references like Facebook or Wordpress. The Appendix will offer lists of 2015 Internet options, where in the body of the text generic terms like social networking sites or on-line schedulers are used when possible. Lisa has a strong 30+ year background in technology and is up on new opportunities the Internet provides for a spiritual business while Cindy offers her 20+ years of experience in a spiritual business to balance the technical suggestions with some time trusted techniques and less technical recommendations for those businesses who are not ready to embrace some of the newer technologies. Together they offer the readers a balanced approach to marketing their businesses without losing the spiritual focus found at the core of the readers spiritual focus.

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